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Video Surveillance Questions
Which cameras to choose for outdoor installation?

We recommend that you choose cylindrical or dome cameras for outdoor installation with a degree of protection of at least IP55, due to which the device has increased resistance to moisture, dust and physical damage.

What cameras are better to install indoors?

For indoor use, we recommend installing dome cameras with a plastic case, because they have the most optimal price-quality ratio, and their degree of protection is excellent for these working conditions. However, when using the camera in factories, factories, car washes and other rooms with adverse temperature conditions, the use of outdoor cameras is recommended.

Analog or IP camera - which is better?

In the security market there are high-resolution analog cameras with a fairly high quality video. High-resolution analog cameras are divided into 3 groups according to the standard for cable video transmission: AHD, TVI, CVI. These cameras are good at building small and inexpensive video surveillance systems for a private home, office, cottage. Another plus is the ease of maintenance of an analog video surveillance system.

The Oltec product line has AHD camcorders and MHD hybrid cameras that are compatible with all analog data transfer standards.

We recommend using IP video cameras when organizing large video surveillance systems or, if necessary, to obtain clearer video from cameras, and to easily access cameras from anywhere with an Internet connection. Among the shortcomings of IP video surveillance systems, we can note the need for network equipment servicing, possible video surveillance drops due to Internet problems and a higher price compared to analog video cameras.

Oltec provides users with both wired IP cameras and wireless WiFi cameras.

Can I connect cameras to a TV directly?

Unfortunately, IP cameras and high-resolution analog cameras AHD / CVI / TVI do not have this feature. However, you can connect CVBS analog cameras directly to the TV using a coaxial cable with BNC – RCA connectors (provided that your TV has an RCA input).

Where to use dome and cylindrical surveillance cameras?

Dome cameras are placed on the ceiling indoors because of their compactness. The housing of dome cameras is most often made of plastic, which reduces the cost of the video camera.

Cylindrical cameras are usually used for video surveillance on the street or in places of high humidity and low temperatures. The advantage of this type of chamber is its sealed housing with moisture protection, which operates at low or high temperatures. In addition, the metal case of cylindrical outdoor cameras has increased protection against physical impact, so they are installed in places where they are likely to be damaged.

How many days of video recording will be enough space on the hard drive

The amount of hard disk space filled per day depends on several factors. This is the recording mode (constant or motion detection), and the method of compressing the video stream, and the number of objects in the video, and the lighting conditions of the shooting area. Therefore, when calculating the recording volume on the HDD, the average sizes of the archive files are used.

We recommend using the following video archive sizes to calculate the approximate amount of time during which the DVR disk will be full:

24 hours of recording from a single camera with a resolution of 720P and H.264 compression standard takes 20GB;
24 hours of recording from a single camera with a resolution of 1080P and H.264 compression standard takes 80GB.

Alarm Questions
Can I connect an additional siren to the alarm?

To models GSM 10C and GSM 30A, you can connect an additional several wired sirens.

You can connect several wired sirens and an additional three wireless sirens to the GSM G10A and GSM 30C models.

One wired siren and an additional three wireless sirens are connected to the GSM 66A model.

What to do if the signal from the sensors does not reach the main?

In cases when reinforced concrete floors prevent the signal from the sensors to the control panel, or the distance from the sensor to the control panel is too large, you need to use radio signal amplifiers (repeaters).
A repeater is recommended to be installed between the sensors and the control panel.

Is it possible to install an alarm in an unheated room?

All autonomous alarms are designed for use in the temperature range from -5 ° С to + 50 ° С. Therefore, it is not recommended to install the device in rooms with a temperature of less than -5 ° C, since this can affect the correct operation of the device or completely disable it.

Is it possible to pass a burglar alarm to a security control panel (GSO)?

Although these models support the International Ademco Contact ID remote control protocol, they are not compatible with Ukrainian security remotes.

Questions on intercoms
Can I connect a video intercom to the access system?

It is possible using the appropriate pairing unit. Also, you must be connected to this intercom system as a subscriber.

Which cable is better to use to connect a video intercom?

To connect the door station to the video intercom, it is best to use a specialized cable for video intercoms.

What to do if the electromagnetic lock does not open from the intercom?

If your lock is powered from the video intercom and the cable length from the intercom to the lock exceeds 10 meters, then in this case you need to use the BUZ, connecting it according to the corresponding scheme.

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