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Haird cuts

Parking lots

Cafe, bars, restaurants

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for equipment and installation of a video surveillance system

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    According to the report of Florida Department of Law Enforcement in 2021 year

    in Florida on average they record:




    Thefts from warehouses, shops and other retail outlets

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    using the latest digital surveillance capabilities:

    Video surveillance and recording in
    Full 4K format

    View cameras from anywhere in the world using
    IP video surveillance

    Viewing the protected area
    on a smartphone screen

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      Video surveillance in your smartphone

      using a free mobile application

      Free mobile app for Android and iOS

      Quick access to the video surveillance system

      Easy application management

      Video surveillance is available anywhere in the world

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      10K+ CCTV cameras.

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      We always have over 150 models of equipment in stock, so we can guarantee order completion in 1-3 days.

      24 month warranty

      We provide a 24-
      month warranty on equipment
      and our services.

      Free visit of a agent to the site

      Our agent visits
      the site to determine
      the required amount
      of equipment and
      consult the client.

      Individual system selection

      We help you choose the right video surveillance system in accordance with the wishes of each client.

      Only certified equipment

      We install only certified equipment that meets quality and safety standards.

      We have more than 150 models in stock

      equipment to ensure your safety

      NVR DVR network video recorder IP camera


      IP camera CCTV video surveillance


      IP camera CCTV video surveillance

      Robotic video cameras

      IP camera CCTV video surveillance

      Dome Cameras

      Get 10% discount

      for equipment and installation of a video surveillance system

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        Learn about how OLTEC solutions can work for you.

        surveillance cameras, video recorders ip camera

        OLTEC IP camera solutions, also known as network cameras or internet cameras, offer a modern and versatile way to monitor and secure your surroundings. These cameras use the Internet Protocol (IP) to transmit video and audio data over a network, enabling you to access and manage your surveillance system remotely. One of the primary advantages of IP cameras is the ability to monitor your premises remotely. You can access live video feeds and recorded footage from anywhere with an internet connection, using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

        Remote monitoring is particularly useful for homeowners, business owners, or security personnel who want to keep an eye on their property even when they are not physically present.

        High-Quality Video

        Video surveillance, CCTV cameras Oltec | Alarm systems, intercoms, surveillance cameras, video recorders

        IP cameras generally provide higher resolution video compared to traditional analog cameras. Many IP cameras offer HD or even 4K resolution, providing clearer and more detailed images for better identification of individuals or objects.

        IP camera systems are easily scalable. You can add or remove cameras as needed without significant changes to your infrastructure. This makes it convenient to expand your surveillance coverage based on evolving security needs.

        Motion Detection and Alerts:

        IP camera CCTV video surveillance

        OLTEC IP cameras feature motion detection technology. When motion is detected, the camera can send alerts or notifications to designated users. This helps in real-time response to potential security threats.

        Cloud Storage and Local Storage OptionsIP camera solutions often provide flexible storage options. You can choose to store recorded footage locally on a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or use cloud storage services. Cloud storage allows you to access your recordings from anywhere and provides redundancy in case of local hardware failures.

        Power over Ethernet (PoE):

        Analytics and Smart Features:

        Get 10% discount

        for equipment and installation of a video surveillance system

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