Security Alarm System GSM-KIT-30

  • 850/900/1800/1900Mhz GSM Frequency for global use
  • Support 2 wired defense zones, 99 wireless zones, and 8 remote controllers
  • Can set 6 groups of alarming phone numbers,It will call the preset phone numbers automatically to notify the alarm information
  • Can set 3 groups of SMS phone numbers.
  • Built-in clock and clear LCD screen
  • Voice Prompt for all the operations.
  • Wireless learning coding. Fast and easy to add the new accessories.
  • 3 groups of timing arm and disarm
  • Record the installation position of the host for 10s
  • The names of each defense zone can be revised. Defense 1-9 can be recorded separately.
  • Support wireless siren (315MHZ frequency,customized for other frequency)。
  • Program the alarm position. You can define the names as you like or use the suggested name such as SOS, fire alarm, gas alarm, door alarm etc.
  • Program the defense zone into immediate, delay, 24hours, bypass model.
  • Arm , disarm, monitor, intercom the host remotely.
  • Various arm model including immediate arm, delay arm , home arm, timing arm, remote arm.
  • The beep volume of paired wireless siren can be adjusted from degree 1 to degree 4.
  • Low battery alert of the accessories.

Additional information

Number of users

up to 6

Adding Devices


Number of Wireless devices


Number of Wired Zones





Wired Siren in box

Power supply